Our Partners


Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance is a Saudi-owned and operated publicly traded company with SR 400 million in paid up capital. With years of deep knowledge of the Saudi healthcare market, Bupa Arabia provides health insurance in accordance with the requirements of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA). To learn more about bupa visit Bupa website here.


The Mediterranean and Gulf Cooperative Insurance and Reinsurance Company (MEDGULF) is a Saudi licensed closed joint-stock Company operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to practice cooperative insurance business under the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) regulations. To learn more about medgulf visit Medgulf website here.

Alborg Medical Laboratories

Al Borg medical laboratories has become the largest chain of private laboratories in the MENA with 26 labs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 4 labs in United Arab Emirates, 2 labs in Qatar, one lab in Bahrain, one lab in Kuwait, one lab in Oman and one lab in Ethiopia. To learn more about alborg visit Alborg Medical Laboratories website here.

Futurelab Medical Laboratories

futurelab is the emerging market leader in the private clinical laboratory testing industry in Saudi Arabia. Despite the short period since its inception in 2008 futurelab has 13 branches distributed over the Saudi territory, from the Red Sea in the West to the Arabian Gulf in the East of Saudi Arabia.To learn more about Furturelab visit Futurelab website here.

Al-Nahdi Pharmacy

Nahdi Medical Company has grown dramatically to become the largest retail pharmacy chain in the Middle East and North Africa. Starting with two small pharmacies in Jeddah was the foundation for what has since become a nation-wide network of more than 700 branches. To learn more about Al-Nahdi Pharmacy visit Al-Nahdi pharmacy website here.

Al-Dawaa Pharmacy

Al-Dawaa pharmacies are a chain of pharmacies located in KSA, which follow recognized international standards. the Company has established in the Kingdome a network of 500 pharmacies, cover eastern, central and northern areas, in order to be closer to its customers. To learn more about Al-Dawaa Pharmacy visit Al-Dawaa pharmacy website here.